Commercial and corporate law

Our law firm specializes in a wide range of commercial and corporate matters, both in counseling and in court.

Most of our clients consist of companies and therefore we are called daily to deal with various issues of corporate life, whether they concern corporate governance issues or the company’s relationship with third parties (individuals, public, etc.).

In addition, our subject is the formulation of the corporate contract and any out-of-court agreements, ie the basis on which the company will operate and the correct drafting of the corporate documents to ensure the avoidance of future lawsuits and non-disputes between the partners. Indicatively, we provide our services in the following areas:


• Establishment of companies, establishment and installation of foreign companies, subsidiaries or branches of foreign companies

• Funding of companies

• Securities Law (checks, foreign exchange, etc.)

• Investment incentives, corporate transformations, (conversions, mergers, seperations, acquisitions etc.)

• Finance leases

• Collection of commercial receivables (taking precautionary measures – conservative seizures, pre-notices, etc. -, acceleration of compulsory execution – real estate seizures, seizures of bank deposits, etc.)

• Commercial Arbitration


• Establishment of companies and corporate formations of all legal types based on the special agreements of the partners in combination with the conclusion of any out-of-court agreements.

• Carrying out all legal processes and providing advice on issues of daily corporate life (business administration and operation of administrative bodies, meeting of partners, decision making and proceedings of administrative bodies and general assembly)

• Dealing with management problems (judicial appointment of administration, etc.)

• Protection of partner and company rights

• Infringement of invalid and void decisions of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

• Legal solutions in the context of business solution or restructuring / rescue, especially based on our experience in tax law

• Full legal support in matters of acquisitions and mergers, both on the part of sellers and buyers. Critical legal steps for the successful and safe completion of such procedures for our client are legal and tax planning, due diligence as well as the negotiation and drafting of relevant contractual texts

• Providing advice and legal planning for corporate conversions.

• Dissolution and liquidation of companies (taking action and legal assistance at every stage of the process).