Criminal Law

Our law firm provides high-level services at all stages of criminal proceedings, consisting of specialised lawyers with high academic training and with increasing and continuing experience in court practice.

In particular, we undertake the legal support and defense of our principals from the pre-trial stage, the main trial, before the Judicial Councils and the Criminal Courts of all levels, up to the appellate procedure in the Supreme Court (appeals, pleadings, thorough preparation of criminal records, hearings in court) in cases involving offenses against life and physical integrity, against personal liberty, against honor, against property, as well as tax offenses and drug cases.

At the same time, we represent individuals and legal entities for the performance in support of the accusation in crimes committed against them (filing lawsuits – prosecutions, monitoring of the course of criminal proceedings, representation in the pre-trial hearing and in the hearing).

Our law firm effectively handles cases that cover the full range of criminal law with particular specialisation in economic crime (misappropriation of public money, money laundering, stock market fraud, infidelity, fraud, tax law).

Based on the relationship of trust and the methodical approach of all the elements of each case, we undertake the representation at all stages of the criminal process as well as the consulting support of individuals and companies in the context of their professional activity.