Family law

Our law firm, after successfully handling a variety of cases, specialises in out-of-court and judicial settlement of family law disputes.

With respect to the human being, sensitivity to the child and guided by the conscientiousness and discretion of our law firm through its trained family law lawyers, we solve your problems by honestly emphasising the disadvantages and advantages of each case and choosing together with you the solution to your problem.

It is a fact that most of the time family disputes require delicate handling and their successful outcome is based, first, on the relationship of trust that develops between the client and the lawyer and then on developing a strategic plan for the court to form a complete picture of which spouse is really to blame for the breakdown of marital cohabitation as well as what is the real property situation of the obligor in alimony.

In particular, our office specialises in disputes concerning the issuance of a divorce (in dispute or consensus), assignment or removal of custody or parental responsibility of a minor child, the determination of alimony and child support, the regulation of the use of their family house, relations between parents, as well as parent-child relations, regulation of the right of communication of the child in case of divorced or separated parents, recognition of marital invalidity, recognition of paternity, adoption and judicial assistance as well as out-of-court or judicial regulation of participation in acquisitions during married cohabitation.

In parallel with the above, our law firm undertakes with full responsibility and efficiency the criminal aspect of the above relations when they arise, especially in cases of domestic violence and violation of decisions that regulate relations between parents themselves and their children.