White Collar Defense & Investigations

Given that a big part of the business industry involves the risk for the entrepreneur of being accused of committing numerous crimes of economic nature, our law firm has managed to handle financial criminal cases successfully, having gained considerable experience and expertise in the field.

In particular, our law firm undertakes cases related to alleged liability of management companies for non-payment of debts to the State, tax evasion (VAT, income tax, fictitious invoices), legalisation of income from criminal activities, issuance of uncovered checks, the commission of crimes provided by the provisions of the Commercial Law, non-payment of employer and labor contributions to insurance companies, stock market offenses, as well as economic offenses (fraud, infidelity, creditor fraud etc.).

At the same time, it should be emphasised that, in the field of financial crimes, most of the time, the specialisation of the handling lawyers not only in the criminal law but also in the areas of commercial and public law, in the services and the knowledge required, with which our law firm is equipped, is necessary. In this way we offer a comprehensive and multifaceted handling of the cases.