Thursday, April 25, 2024

Areas of expertise

Commercial and corporate law

Our law firm specializes in a wide range of commercial and corporate matters, both in counseling and in court.Most of our clients consist of companies and therefore we are called daily to deal with various issues of corporate life, whether they concern corporate governance issues or the company's relationship with third parties (individuals, public, etc.).

Criminal Law

Our law firm provides high-level services at all stages of criminal proceedings, consisting of specialised lawyers with high academic training and with increasing and continuing experience in court practice.

Civil Law

Our law firm undertakes cases that cover the full range of civil law, both at the advisory level and at the level of judicial resolution of the above disputes before all political courts at all levels.

Family law

Our law firm, after successfully handling a variety of cases, specialises in out-of-court and judicial settlement of family law disputes.

Financial criminal law

Given that a big part of the business industry involves the risk for the entrepreneur of being accused of committing numerous crimes of economic nature, our law firm has managed to handle financial criminal cases successfully, having gained considerable experience and expertise in the field.

Administrative Law

Our law firm successfully covers the entire range of administrative law, always with the aim of ensuring the principles of legality, transparency and sound administration, as required by the Constitution.

Tax law

Our law firm is committed to providing high-level services in the field of tax law, which today, due to the increasing role of the state's budget and the expansion of state economic and social intervention, is experiencing significant growth and is increasingly employing private individuals - individuals and businesses - as they shape the economic growth of their business.

Real Estate

Our law firm, which has extensive experience and specialisation in real estate law, provides its customers with information and advice on issues related to the process of buying, selling and renting real estate.


The law firm of I.A. Papatriantafyllou - E.A. Thanasenari is fully familiar with the legal process of intermediation specifically with the most modern way of out-of-court dispute resolution. In cases where the court is judged to be time-consuming and unprofitable, the out-of-court voluntary negotiation to resolve disputes is the appropriate way to administer justice.

Labour law

Our office provides services in cases involving the full range of labor law, both judicial and advisory. Our lawyers, representing both employers and employees, have gained extensive experience in labor law issues and are thus fully equipped for the impeccable handling of even the most complex case.